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                         --orientation           values: landscape or portrait
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Convert to PDF - A How to Guide

Sometimes we will receive images, perhaps via email or through social media that simply won’t open as a general photograph or image, known as a jpg. In this case it is advisable that you convert a jpg into a pdf online. JPG images are the standard format in which an image such as a photograph can be viewed, be it online or as a digital image viewed on your computer screen. However, sometimes, especially with projects that require images and text to be merged together into one document, it can become difficult to view these documents together, online. Having all of the text and the images together in one compact, viewable file that is internet friendly is an effective way to see a document all together.

The difficulty with PDF (Portable Document Files) is that they tend to cram text and images together in one file. This can be good for larger projects that are meant for viewing online and with no real need to edit the files. If this sounds like a good reason to convert an image into a pdf file then continue reading, this may be of good assistance to you.

To convert an image into a PDF file online is a relatively simple task. There are online converters that can assist you in this process. Often times there are a variety of online converters that can be found through your regular search engine. However, these aren’t always reliable and many of them charge you to download conversion software. On the flip side there are free software applications that can convert a jpg to PDF online. Simply type image to PDF into Google and you will have a converter to hand within seconds.

There are many different abbreviations for images, such as JPG so you could also benefit from typing ‘jpg to pdf converter online’ or ‘converting jpg to pdf online’. Ensuring you add the keyword ‘online’ will mean that online converters will be more likely pop up in your search, making it more likely that you will find a free application to use to convert image to pdf online.

An example of a website you can use to convert jpg to pdf online is pdfy.net. This is an ideal site for converting jpg to pdf. You simply input the image you wish to convert into a pdf file and it will utilise the application facility and convert it for you in a matter of seconds.

Also, if you are looking for quality then use our PDF image converter here at pdfy.net, and its very quick and can effectively convert images to pdf files so that you can concisely view documents with ease and without having to struggle fitting information onto a page. Of course this also means that documents will be viewer friendly on the internet as well as off the internet.

How and why to convert JPG to PDF

JPG, or sometimes JPEG, is the typical format used to save photos. It stands for Joint Photographic Experts group. PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format, is a type of file developed to help share documents amongst computers operating on different platforms. Each type of file has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is sometimes necessary to convert images to PDF format or vice versa. This is rather easily done through an online JPG to PDF converter. This process will be explained below.

There are pros and cons to each file format. A JPG is a tightly compressed image file, most often used in instances where the image size must be very small, such as email and or on web sites. Its compression efficiency is impressive, and the file can be compressed to up to one tenth of its original size. This compression comes at a price, however. JPG files use “lossy” compression (lossy means “loss of quality”), which means that the image quality is reduced. The biggest advantage of the PDF is that regardless of how it is being viewed, the PDF will appear exactly the same. It is supported by a larger number of programs and so is seen as more universal. When printed, the photo quality of a JPG image is often less than that of a PDF. If an image requires any editing with text, PDF is the preferred file format. In a professional setting, when the quality of an image is of utmost importance and versatility is needed, it is necessary to convert from JPG to PDF for uses such as brochures and advertisements.

There are a few different options to use when converting JPG to PDF. The first method discussed is an online converter. There are many of these document converters available to convert JPG to PDF online. One can simply go to the search engine of your choice and type in search terms describing what you would like to do, and be rewarded with a list of options, such as pdfy.net. Once you click on a link it will take you to a new web page. There will be a space to upload the JPG from your computer and a drop down menu to select which type of file you would like it converted to- here, you select PDF. You enter your email address and click ‘Submit’, and the PDF will be emailed to you after it is converted (this usually happens within an hour or two). A second method is by using a program such as Picasa or Windows Photo Viewer. First, a program called “novaPDF” must be downloaded and installed. Then the program should be opened and the image selected. Next, press the CTRL+P buttons on your keyboard. When the Print window opens, choose “novaPDF” from the dropdown list and choose a printing layout. After clicking the Print you will be prompted to choose a location where you would like the PDF saved.

Although both JPG and PDF have their individual pros and cons, there are some instances where one format is clearly preferred to another. Knowing how to quickly and easily convert files from one form to another is a desirable skill